7 Benefits of Using Wall Graphics

Make your workspace stand out with Wall Graphics!

Aesthetics may seem like a secondary concern, but function over form isn’t always the best way to go about something. After all, there are many cases where performance and stunning design can meet, just take a look at supercars.

Wall graphics are a worthwhile investment for all the same reasons.


1. Memorable experiences

If you’re setting up wall graphics in your storefront, retail location, or essentially any form of brick-and-mortar business, then you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits.

It’s these subtle touches that make people come back to their “favorite” coffee shop. In reality, coffee shops are usually one block away from any location and most of them provide equal quality. However, the memorable wall art can make one stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2. Brand reinforcement

Anyone in the world of business knows that building a brand is absolutely paramount regardless of which industry you’re in. Wall graphics can help further this mission by clearly conveying the message that your brand is trying to communicate in a visual manner.

Whether it’s your logo, quotes from the founding members, or even abstract patterns using the company color palette, these subtle touches can turn your physical locations into an extension of the overall brand.

3. Lead generation

If your store is located in a shopping mall, then you’re competing with giant retailers such as H&M, Best Buy, and Zara. You could spend millions on securing an equally large spot in the mall or invest a fraction of the cost in wall graphics.

People walk by dozens of stores without putting too much thought into it, but an attractive design can help you differentiate yourself with the high-contrast design. It can truly make your store, however small, look much more interesting than all the plain white walls that surround it.

4. Cost-effective

Wall graphics are surprisingly affordable in comparison to other forms of marketing. This makes them a great value since they offer all the aforementioned benefits without breaking the bank. Small businesses with a limited budget will appreciate the affordability factor.

It’s also much cheaper than commissioning a mural, not to mention generally a faster process that will have the design applied in no time at all. Overall, wall graphics are one of the best way to boost the marketing presence at a specific location at a low price.

5. Easy maintenance

Certain businesses prefer to go for framed pictures instead of wall graphics. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, and it does bring more life to the room — albeit not at the same level as wall graphics.

The main issue with that approach is maintenance since framed pictures are a dust magnet that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In contrast, wall graphics can be cleaned in just a few seconds using a wet rag which significantly reduces the maintenance required.

6. Removable

Many wall graphics are installed in such a way that makes them easily removable. This stands in stark contrast to murals that are painted directly onto the wall. If you want to remove them, you’d have to paint over the entire surface which could cost a pretty penny.

Removable wall graphics can be taken down in a hassle-free manner without damaging the surface underneath. This also makes it ideal for stores that are simply renting a commercial space and don’t have the authority to make lasting changes to the area.

7. Boosts productivity and morale

Even if your wall graphics are going to be installed in an area that customers don’t access, it can still have tremendous benefits for your employees. Whether it’s motivational messages from the CEO, company values, a core mission, or even memes, it’ll certainly improve their moods.

A positive working environment will also boost productivity since it creates an atmosphere that can motivate your employees. If you were in their place, would you rather work hard in a boring, gray office or a place filled with color and eye-catching designs?

Example 95" x 84" Wall Graphic

wall graphic sample

To give you a better grasp of just what these wall graphics can look like, I’ve attached one we did for a client above. This client wanted to relay the message that every single person in the company can have a big impact as long as they worked together as a team.

The triangle patterns help the wall graphic attract attention in the office. After all, what’s the point of designing a great graphic if it’s not gonna be eye-catching, right? The client told me at the very start that they wanted the graphic to be relatable.

That’s why we used some of the most memorable images from company events and incorporated them seamlessly into a single design. Since it went up, employees have been smiling more every morning and giving work their 100% each day.

This is just one of many approaches that can be taken with wall graphics. Some other clients prefer to have an abstract or even minimalistic design in their wall graphics, and that’s completely fine too.

It all comes down to the image of your company and what kind of tone you want to set in the room where the graphic will be placed. If you’re a younger company with a lot of disruptive goals, then something as simple as jagged lines with bright colors can make a statement.


As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to having wall graphics that make them well worth the cost. Whether it’s broadcasting your brand image to anyone who walks by, competing with bigger retailers, or motivating your employees, wall graphics are a very good investment.

If you want to get your own wall graphics, then you can reach out to me with some details on the design language you’d like to see. Let me know if there are specific elements or themes you want me to incorporate into your wall graphic, so I can integrate that into the final design!


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