How Long Do You Hang Onto Client Print Files?

In a world filled with tech giants like Google and Facebook that continue to consolidate power into their sphere of influence, it can be common for the average consumer to feel like their sense of privacy is long gone.

Countless companies are sharing your information with third-parties, all in the name of profit and greed. Fortunately, local businesses seem to be one of the last strongholds for consumer privacy — with shops like Hawkeye Printing & Graphics leading the charge.

Do we share your files with any third parties?

Absolutely not! We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ privacy and rights, which is why we keep the files you provide in our secure storage. No outside eyes can pry on the images you send to our shop.

The files are stored on local machines rather than online hosting websites to ensure that no man-in-the-middle attacks or brute force account penetration can leak these files. It may be costlier for us, but it’s worth the sacrifice in the name of our loyal customers.

How do you delete them?

Once it comes time to delete these images, whether it is to clear up space or upon the direct request of the customer who submitted it, it is promptly permanently cleared from our hard drive.

No backups are kept of the files after we have disposed of them.

How long do you hang onto files?

We can hang onto your files for three years or longer to make it convenient if you need to get more prints made from the same image. This is done purely in the interest of customer convenience and the term can be cut short at any time by the submitter.

For the full duration that your files are stored on our computer, they are kept safe from any external entities. All the necessary anti-virus and privacy software are installed on Hawkeye machines to stave off any hacking threats.

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