3 Eye-Catching Print Marketing Ideas

3 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Printed materials are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers. Here are some ideas for getting your brand noticed and the best part is they don't break the bank.

1. Business Cards

A business card, placed into someone's hand, creates both a visual and a tactile impact. Use glossy or soft touch finishes to re-enforce this. You are creating a multi-sensory link in the prospective client's mind to you and your business.

Take your business card to the next level by creating a LinkTree. 

What is a linktree? Linktree | The Only Link You'll Ever Need


2. Posters

Large formal posters can be a great asset for exhibitions, trade shows or network events. They can make a big statement about your business or event. If you need to carry a large amount of information such as product lists, tables or terms and conditions a poster is a flexible option.

3. Flyers

We all use the internet for searching for information and digital is a massive marketing opportunity. Even so, small and medium-sized businesses still do allot of business face to face with customers.

Asking them to search for the information they need on the internet is one certain way of losing lots of customers.

A simple brochure or flyer with essential information is a great asset. They allow you to present information immediately and they can take it away and refer to it later. Use it for product and service details, pricing and the all-important contact details.

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