3 Benefits of Using A-Frames

A Frame signs boost your marketing and help achieve goals

A-Frame signs create a lasting impact. They are one of those things that can set new benchmarks for your business and help spread the word faster. 

Digital marketing is now preferred over conventional marketing by a lot of small business owners as well as large-scale brands. Their marketing strategy is designed in a way where their complete marketing campaign is done through social media. However, a complete and comprehensive marketing strategy consists of both print and digital media. You should never completely rely on one thing, be it print media or digital. 

High-quality double-sided sidewalk signs are really trendy these days and are considered as one of the most efficient ways of catching a potential customer’s eye. They are considered an elite form of print marketing that is highly influential yet, somehow, light on the budget. 

What is an a-frame sign? 

An A-frame sign is just a simple sign outside your store or business location that is placed as a marketing tactic to gain the attention of whoever passes by. It is a very basic way of communicating your message to a thousand eyeballs that, intentionally or unintentionally, catch sight of your a-frame sign. These signboards are also widely known as sandwich boards and pavement signs. They are extremely beneficial and also don’t cost much which is again, a plus for small businesses who are on the lookout for budget-friendly ways of marketing. 

There are two types of A-frames, plastic A-frames, and common A-frames. The plastic ones are better as they are weather friendly and will last you a longer time than common A-frames that are more like paper advertisements fixed on a metal frame. These are more likely to wear and tear every time there is a slight change in weather or when there is heavy rain. Therefore, it is best to go for waterproof, plastic A-frames and save your business some bucks! 

3 Benefits of using a-frames

No matter the size of your business, you should always keep promoting. Putting a sidewalk sign gives an extra fancy look to your building and it is nothing unknown that the outlook of your business’s location greatly impacts its performance. An a-frame (a sandwich board or sidewalk sign) might as well be making your business’s first impression on a pedestrian that is about to become one of your valued customers. A-Frame signs not only help in making the first impression with pedestrians but also aid in attracting impulsive buyers passing by. You surely don’t want to miss them, right? 

Below is a list of key benefits a frame signs provide you in boosting your marketing: 

They are simple and budget-friendly 

Customers no more prefer reading long pamphlets and flyers designed with high quality, expensive format printing. They are more interested in minimal and simple things, something exactly like a pavement sign. The biggest benefit of these signs is that they don’t cost small business owners a leg and an arm and are still super effective in drawing people’s attention towards the business. 


You can personalize them according to your preference

The one issue that is always lying on a business owner’s chest is that marketing products are hard to get exactly according to your taste. However, it is not like that with frame signs. You can get them customized in whatever way you like. You can change play around with the size and change the standard size, that is, 24x36. You can use changeable letters and colors. In a nutshell, design your signs exactly according to your preference and get all the attention you want! 


A Frame signs are easy to carry around

Whether you realize it or not, but this is one of the most amazing benefits of a-frame signs and sandwich boards. They are portable and you can take them wherever you want, whenever you want. You can install them in front of your building or entrance but if, after some time, you feel like you will get a better response if you had installed them in the corner of your street, you can easily change the location in less than a minute. 
Or let’s suppose you change your location due to financial or any other reasons, you can take them along with your inventory and set them up in your new place. Had it been conventional banners or anything else, you would have to pay all over again to get them for your new location. 


Whether you are on the outlook for enhancing your business awareness or boosting your foot traffic, A-frame signs are the answer. You can get them made for your local Roanoke printing company Hawkeye Printing and Graphics. Enjoy the benefits! 

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